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Success comes with experience.

Drawing from a rich history melding new media with traditional marketing, White Gazelle continues to develop innovative B2b/B2c solutions for a range of industries and sectors.

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Access to strategy, wireframes and prototypes are available upon request.

The Merchandise Center uses events and grand opening to

The Merchandise Center uses expos to "renew" their brand with wholesale vendors and buyers.

Account Highlights: Revitalized old wholesale image during the construction of a new state-of-art building. White Gazelle developed campaigns for fall shows and expos to heighten brand awareness and interest contributing to 99% vendor occupancy before the grand opening and 30%+ spike in pre-registration for 2011 events with buyers.

Bubble Gum’s Secret Candy Lab

Wrigley rewards customers with fun and meaningful, community building experiences.

Account Highlights: Integrated traditional marketing research with social experiences and entertainment. White Gazelle produced Bubble Gum’s Secret Candy Lab on-line game for children resulting in 20%+ site-traffic increase while providing clients with a superior tool to collect marketing research within COPPA provisions. Young users could vote, alert friends and rate each others candy creations.

Highland Solution Website

Highland dashboards organize content, establish expectations and help forge professional relationships.

Account Highlights: Clarified expectations, roles and ownership to develop features throughout the website. White Gazelle updated the site organization and treatment to reflect current services and client base and attract new business. By managing the ongoing restructuring of content, processes and campaigns easily evolved vertical markets with thought-partners.

Highland Solution Microsite with SugarCRM

Highland Solutions establishes microsites with SugarCRM to explore manufacturing vertical.

Account Highlights: Developed new microsite marketing plan to explore new media and establish partnerships with SugarCRM. White Gazelle designed campaigns to convey domain expertise while connecting with the manufacturing community. By providing valuable assessment tools, online discussions and case studies Highland Solutions could guide technical decision-making and establish credibility.