Rev up for the start-up!

Today, everybody is a start up. Money is tight. Timing is crucial. And technology is rapidly changing how we conduct business on a daily basis. To compete a company must have an “enterprise-wide” pioneer spirit to promote value in the congested landscape. White Gazelle guides those first explorative steps into modernizing marketing and brand concepts. Below are samples of strategies that leveraged all aspects of the business to solidify a vision before adopting a new tactic or medium.

Image profiles clarify topics and themes for adopting new business models and marketing.

Focused employees, focus on service.
By developing an “image profile” for TripleSpoke Brand Architects, White Gazelle revealed new tactics to support their businesses ambitions. Findings inspired new marketing standards for case studies, project planning and client management. These methods were used to shift their focus from intermittent projects to lasting engagements.


  1. We created “image profile” so TripleSpoke could understand the dynamics between their business practices and the promises made to customers.
  2. Designed “branding boot camp” to forge strategic business relationships with clients.
  3. Established “test drive” pilots to qualify creative approach and new client dynamics.

Successful sites are based on successful customer experiences in the real world.

Celebrate customer facing through media and technology.
Balani Custom Clothiers
Using logic trees to map the sales process, White Gazelle established a site structure based on proven practices straight from Balani’s showroom floor. New treatments for the site, newsletter and content soon followed with the integration of social, rich media and SEO.

  1. Through “TripleSpoke branding boot camp”, developed a vision framework with image profiles, experience attributes and mission statements.
  2. Expanded logic trees into site maps, wireframes and user/technical requirements for the final design.
  3. Prepared shot list for photo shoot and a content matrix for all messaging used in future marketing.

Map out experiences to bridge the gaps in your corporate culture.

Connect with your corporate culture.
Bankers Life and Casualty

It became clear after surveying end-users of the sales portal (BSPN), a simple reporting application had expanded into a real-time interface for training, news, HR resources and marketing tools for client-facing employees. Manual processes and content ownership had to be automated to support agents out in the field.

  1. We set up Sharepoint forums to manage collaboration between departments on content publishing and ownership.
  2. Revamped BSPN vision and themes to bridge differences between the field and the home office.
  3. Restructured  taxonomy, CMS, site organization and treatments to be agent-centric and banker-friendly.

Your image is more than just a fancy logo or flashy website. It’s your staff who distinguish the business from the other 5,000 brand bombardments people get hit with on a daily basis. To quickly cut through all the media “noise,” a company needs to use new technology purposefully to be of one mind and to speak with the same voice.