Reframe new strain through alliances

By re-framing current market barriers you can quickly minimize the strain finding new business and audiences. For example, why not work with partners who are targeting the same clients and promote a joint offering? Show your adaptability, innovation and willingness to work with multi-discipline teams to service the customer. Not only is this reassuring to nervous prospects, it could inspire them to finally take action. White Gazelle has been very fortunate to work with forward thinking professionals, who understand before you can expand business into new markets you must first improve relations with businesses who share the same space.


Reinforce vertical markets with proactive alliances

Highland Solutions
Highland Solutions was looking to channel its expertise into vertical markets with on-going partner, SugarCRM. A new microsite focused messaging into a powerful end-user experiences for the manufacturing community. Working with White Gazelle, Highland consolidate thought through audience-centric attractions to promote informative discussions, technical reviews and tools into CRM methodologies.


Highland Solutions develops microsites with SugarCRM to explore manufacturing vertical.

Businesses that network together, play well together.
A new global social platform focusing on corporate social responsibility and employee fund-raising was building awareness with Chicago businesses and charities. Networking together White Gazelle and coordinated speaking events and introductions to generate “buzz” about cause-related marketing. Cross-promoting services through facebook, twitter, linkedin and on helped forge new business connections and opportunities within the local marketing/branding community.

White Gazelle reward partners and clients with the gift that keeps on giving using ammado vouchers.

Exchange exposure to establish credibility.

Digital out-of-home displays offer brands exposure to new on-the-go audiences. Start up OSN (OnSite Network) established a “content” partnership with Yahoo. Yahoo sports news and trivia displayed on OSN screens at sport bars across America. White Gazelle refined Yahoo templates for LCD viewing experiences and collaborated with account executives to define future OSN venue attractions that would promote Yahoo’s unique online features and news.

OSN uses creditable content provider Yahoo, to enhance experiences for their shared audience.