Living in duh! moment

We have all had them.  The moment when we accept the facts staring us in the face. When you finally look at old problems in a new light and see both the big picture and how the little pieces come together to form the solution. “Duh…. but of course!” White Gazelle’s methods embrace obvious answers and living in duh! moment. The brand represents the collective wisdom of a company to your customers.  So practices should grow that corporate image in an unified direction instead of drifting marketing all over the place, right? You just need to look at the facts, one duh! at a time…

1st Duh! moment – Let your company be empowered by your brand.

Highland Solutions Image Profile

Presenting thoughts from a range of internal vantage points personalizes the brand for Highland staff.

If employees don’t get your brand, then you have no brand for the customer to “get” in the first place. This is a fact you cannot get around or sweep under the rug. Your branding and marketing is as strong as your employees’ personal and direct understanding. If your business “image” is not consistent, chances are neither is the corporate “vision” amongst your staff. So where do you start then? Duh! Start with your people.

EXAMPLE: Stress test collective thoughts to reveal common ground. By surveying the internal perspective of how customers relate to Highland Solutions, brand themes and treatments could be quickly identified and then applied. The image profile lead to an informed client who could easily address questions, solidified a direction and assign ownership.

2nd Duh! moment – Use the “tiny” marketing moves to adopt innovation.


Highland dashboards organize content, establish expectations and help forge professional relationships

Innovation is practical, not radical.  It’s also very natural. It’s accepting the fact that the smallest things we do when engaging the customer can end up impacting our business in significant and big ways. So start small. Duh! Adopting a new media/technology/platform into your marketing mix does not require reinventing the wheel. That would be overkill.  But it does depends on solidifying loosely defined expectations by knowing where you want to go with audiences and why.

EXAMPLE: Fuse media fragments into a meaning experience. Instead of starting from scratch existing marketing research, insights and resources were used to spring board messaging in new directions for the Highland Solutions website. Modeling an experience that would simplify decision-making for the customers helped consolidate and focus the best practices Highland used in the real world.

3rd Duh! moment – Ease into new ventures using simplicity, creatively.

Joint research projects are great ways to test the waters before diving to deep into new partnerships.

The best strategy moving into a new market, is the simplest one. Instead of burning yourself (and staff) out by trying to be everything to everyone, why not work with businesses that compliment your current offerings and can “ease” customers into new services. Take the path of least resistance.  Accept the fact that sometimes it’s good to ask for assistance, especially when both your businesses are working on a common front and have common goals. Duh!

EXAMPLE: Join forces through a joint offering. Eventually what stared as a simple project expanded into an alliance between White Gazelle, TripleSpoke and Highland Solutions. Our “multi-discipline” team approach to survey and share resources continues to enriched the final product and quality of service for all our clients.

Duh! Bottomline

Living in duh! moment, isn’t about being stupid or sign of a lack of intelligence. It’s about being aware and smart enough to not only to see the opportunities right in front of you but having the courage to back them up and let solutions happen.