I just love when ideas, people and technology come together in unexpected ways. From opposing perspectives can come a fusion of innovation, collaboration, vision and passion. For over 19+ years (yikes!) I have used project planning, creative processes, user experience, with a dash of marketing and brand strategy for good measure, to guide people through projects from start to completion.  But instead of just telling you, take a peek below to see what people are saying about the White Gazelle (Aka -Elizabeth Neumaier)

Pisst, down here! See what people have been saying about me…


“I had the pleasure of working with Liz on the Receivables Next Gen – Agile project. From the beginning Liz dove right in and quickly got up to speed on complexities of our corporate banking products. Throughout the year she worked with our team, she helped provide innovative UX solutions for the future generation of CashPro. Liz consistently provided interesting UX insight and designs for our agile stories. She formulated fresh new UX solutions meeting all of the Acceptance Criteria and was always willing to partner and work together as a team. She had an excellent ability to take Product feedback and stakeholder concerns and turn around great ideas and designs that helped focus and elevate strategic discussions to move the project forward. She was a breath of fresh air and her impact had a positive long-term effect on the product. I would welcome the chance to work with Liz again in the future!” – Laurie Brass, VP eChannel Manager – Product Development at Bank of America 2015

Working with Liz was a pleasure! Liz was able to work through formidable constraints (organizational & technical) to deliver sound work. She is extremely passionate and knowledgable. Liz constantly brings new and insightful ideas to the table. Liz was always opened to my creative input as an equal. She would often integrate and improve upon my recommendations with measured insight. Liz thinks big and out of the box which is perfect for brainstorming and creative sessions. She would always find new ways to approach user or design hurdles within the design process.” – Judy Delamora, UX senior visual designer at Bank of America 2014

“I enjoyed Elizabeth’s enthusiasm while working together on projects at Britannica for the Consumer team. She’s wonderful at providing exploratory and competitive research and then synthesizing into actionable recommendations. She’s not afraid to think big and out of the box at a senior level which is perfect for brainstorming and creative sessions.” – Kristiana Burk, Director of Consumer Products at Encyclopaedia Britannica 2014

Elizabeth was a great addition to my staff when she freelanced for us. She would bringing fresh & new ideas to the table and would have support rationale and insight for her ideas. She would also find new ways to approach some user or client hurdles within the design process. I would recommend Elizabeth as a great addition to any UX team.” – Kurt Pennypacker, Manager of Interaction Design at AbelsonTaylor 2013

“Elizabeth is an energetic, out of the box thinker and if you are looking for someone to change the way you do business, this is your girl. She is a great partner and very much willing to work with you, get your insight and then turn your feedback into nothing but a great user experience. I so enjoyed my tenure with Elizabeth and would strongly recommend her to any organization looking for someone to take their website to the next level.” – Michelle McDonough Online Merchandising Manager for the Home Improvement division at Sears Holdings Corporation 2013

“Elizabeth is a detail-oriented marketing director who helped our company develop our brand image and design our new website from its technical layout to its creative appearance. Elizabeth is very personable, responsive and easy to work with. I would highly recommend Elizabeth for her experience in marketing and communications.” – Carol Szatkowski Business Development Manager at XG Sciences 2012


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