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I just love when ideas, people and technology come together in unexpected ways. From opposing perspectives can come a fusion of innovation, collaboration, vision and passion. From the start, I have always used product and project planning, service/system design, user experience, with a dash of marketing and brand strategy for good measure, to guide people through projects from start to completion.  But instead of just telling you, take a peek below to see what people are saying about the White Gazelle (Aka -Elizabeth Neumaier)

“Elizabeth’s work can be summed up in three letters – w.o.w. I have worked with Elizabeth on a range of projects from UX, strategy, business analysis and research. She dives deep into the projects and her passion for excellence shines through in her work. Not only are Elizabeth’s insights spot on but she always brings that extra nugget of insight that moves a project to the next level. We are lucky to have her on the team.” -Kerri Schoonyoung, Founder, Dept. 11, Inc. – Digital Marketing Consultancy + Outsourced Marketing Solutions 2017

“When I first met Liz in her interview at Frequency540, it was refreshing to meet someone with so much passion for their craft. She took many of our existing clients and grew our business with them. She is an amazing presenter with great foresight. I also appreciate her integrity, honesty and work ethic. She is a team player and always works to help her team shine.” -Kathryn Rowe, VP Director, Project Management – Product Development at The Abundancy 2015-16

“I worked closely with Liz on our U.S. Cellular clients website projects (site pages, e-comm buy-flow and user testing). The projects we’ve worked on together led to simplified and impactful experiences. Liz is easy to collaborate with and strives on building upon strategy and ideas. Liz is very knowledgeable in UX and always places user needs front & center in any project. Liz is also not afraid to try different frameworks on a problem to see if new solutions can be found. If you need help rethinking the user experience of your business, Liz is someone who can deliver.” -Benedict Wong, Senior Strategist at The Abundancy 2015-16


“I worked with Liz on an exciting challenge – simplifying the online tax filing experience for Jackson Hewitt. Liz’s ability to “go deep” into the work helped uncover user potential pitfalls, allowing us to avoid them and move ahead with the cleanest solution. On top of the challenge of simplifying the process for the user, we had to explain the technical side of use cases, wire frames, and site structures to get buy in for the changes to the responsive site experience. Liz was able to get the clients on board by speaking their language and passionately walking everyone through the ins and outs of user flows. Liz’s enthusiasm resulted in thoughtful work and she was great to partner with on this and many other projects.” -John Schroeder, Account Director, Leo Burnett 2015-16

“I had the good opportunity to work with Liz on the redesign of Jackson Hewit. As the UX Director she was charged with helping re-imagined its user experience, streamlining their complex applications and redefining the user journeys. Under her direction, she was not only able to simplify a complex project, but also move the architecture from templates to responsive modular design. It was impressive to watch Liz dig into the details and organize the project into manageable pieces for the clients to understand and for developers to execute.” -Kevin Leebroderick, Senior User Experience Architect at Frequency540 2015

“Liz was able to work through formidable constraints (organizational & technical) to deliver sound work. She is extremely passionate and knowledgable. Liz constantly brings new and insightful ideas to the table. Liz was always opened to my creative input as an equal. She would often integrate and improve upon my recommendations with measured insight.” -Judy Delamora, UX Senior Visual Designer at Bank of America 2014

“I had the pleasure of working with Liz on the Receivables Next Gen – Agile project. From the beginning Liz dove right in and quickly got up to speed on complexities of our corporate banking products. Throughout the year she worked with our team, she helped provide innovative UX solutions for the future generation of CashPro. Liz consistently provided interesting UX insight and designs for our agile stories. She formulated fresh new UX solutions meeting all of the Acceptance Criteria and was always willing to partner and work together as a team. She had an excellent ability to take Product feedback and stakeholder concerns and turn around great ideas and designs that helped focus and elevate strategic discussions to move the project forward. She was a breath of fresh air and her impact had a positive long-term effect on the product. I would welcome the chance to work with Liz again in the future!” -Laurie Brass, VP eChannel Manager – Product Development at Bank of America 2014

“I enjoyed Elizabeth’s enthusiasm while working together on projects at Britannica for the Consumer team. She’s wonderful at providing exploratory and competitive research and then synthesizing into actionable recommendations. She’s not afraid to think big and out of the box at a senior level which is perfect for brainstorming and creative sessions.” -Kristiana Burk, Director of Consumer Products at Encyclopaedia Britannica 2014

“Liz joined our team at the outset of a major project and made significant contributions to the direction and quality of our work. She’s highly collaborative and possesses an infectious excitement that will energize everyone she touches. If you’re building a multi-disciplinary UX group, you’d do well to make Liz a part of your solution. She has qualities that can’t be taught.” -Brian Duchek Manager, User Experience Sears Holdings Corporation 2014

“Elizabeth is an energetic, out of the box thinker and if you are looking for someone to change the way you do business, this is your girl. She is a great partner and very much willing to work with you, get your insight and then turn your feedback into nothing but a great user experience. I so enjoyed my tenure with Elizabeth and would strongly recommend her to any organization looking for someone to take their website to the next level.” -Michelle McDonough Online Merchandising Manager for the Home Improvement division at Sears Holdings Corporation 2013

“Elizabeth was a great addition to my staff when she freelanced for us. She would bringing fresh & new ideas to the table and would have support rationale and insight for her ideas. She would also find new ways to approach some user or client hurdles within the design process. I would recommend Elizabeth as a great addition to any UX team.” -Kurt Pennypacker, Manager of Interaction Design at AbelsonTaylor 2013

“Elizabeth is a detail-oriented marketing director who helped our company develop our brand image and design our new website from its technical layout to its creative appearance. Elizabeth is very personable, responsive and easy to work with. I would highly recommend Elizabeth for her experience in marketing and communications.” -Carol Szatkowski Business Development Manager at XG Sciences 2012

“In the endless summer of new technologies, Liz is adept at anticipating and understanding the potential of every coming wave. Where many see waves breaking and wonder how to get there, Liz is already scanning the horizon and getting ready to ride the coming surf. Translation: She’ll offer UX insight not into what’s foaming on the beach, but swelling beneath your feet.” -Caleb Brokaw Content Developer/Editor at Hile Design LLC 2012

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